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In Loving Memory Decals & Memorial Clothing

For That One Of A Kind Personalized Memorial Decal You've Been Searching For

In Loving
Memory Decals

Starting At $6.99

NEW Designer Series Memorial Car Decals starting at $9.99

In Loving
Memory Decals

Starting At $14.99

OUR BEST SELLING - Custom Series Memorial Car Decals starting at $16.99

Get a personalized Memorial Ribbon to remember your loved one.

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In Loving
Memory Decals

Starting At $6.99

Printed In Loving Memory Decals Starting at $6.99

In My Heart
Memorial De

Starting At $15.99

T-shirts and Hoodies

Don't forget to get a personalized memorial decal for the family pet.

Want to Design it Yourself? Upload Images from Facebook and Instagram!

We specialize in Custom In Loving Memory Window Decals and Memorial Car Window Stickers.

At InMemoryDecal.com we understand how important this purchase is to you and your family, and we put our heart into every decal we design. Let us design a memory for you today!
We have a full showroom and installation facility located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
A full staff of graphic professionals are working hard to ensure you get the personalized decal you want, and get it right the first time.

All of our In Loving Memory Decals go on the outside of your window or directly on to your vehicle's paint surface. The Designer Series, and Custom Series decals, have no background color as the color you choose is what the letters are cut from and all that adheres to the surface.
They come pre-spaced and are and ready to apply with our easy instructions. The Printed decals do have a solid background and resemble small bumper stickers. All of our decals are made from high performance automotive grade vinyl that will last 3 - 5 years in most conditions. They are made to withstand all types of weather and repeated car washing.

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